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I miss my friends at school even though I see them on Zoom because it’s not face to face. I miss them so much. It’s probably better for us to stay at home because we can’t distract ourselves by chatting like we do at school.

Learning at home is nice as well. It’s very exciting when things change and new things happen.

The videos of the teachers are very cool and fun to watch and also very cute. My favourite video was my teacher’s life cycle. I enjoyed studying life cycles.

Literacy is my favourite thing on Pluto because it uses my imagination a lot to do things like designing new animals.

School is very very very very good and I have learned so many facts and lots of news that I didn’t know before. I completely understand all of the homework at home. At home I have breaks but I don’t mind if I do not have any breaks.

I agree we should go back to school and I really want to go back to school. At school we are not mostly going to be inside, but outside, which is good in the Summer. School will probably be better then.

I am excited about going back to school on the first of June. It is very strange to stare into the screen. I love the way we are going to spend lots of time outside in the playground.

Nina About the author
Nina – Pre-Prep Pupil
Nina is a Pre-Prep pupil from Rabbit class. She especially likes outdoor education at school and being outside in the fresh air. Her favourite subject is Literacy because she likes using her imagination to write stories.