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During lockdown I’ve found that it is even more important to keep people’s spirits up.

At the start of lockdown, I painted a big cardboard rainbow to stick on our window, not only to show support to the NHS but also to brighten people’s day. I have been trying to keep in touch with friends and family as much as possible. I have done this by emailing and having zoom calls with my grandparents normally once a week and messaging and facetiming my friends.

I have met up with a few friends who live near me, from two metres away. Although it isn’t the same as how it used to be, it is still much better than staying at home and not seeing anyone in person.

I have also been doing a virtual Radio TLA which is really fun, and I can see a few of my friends and get to know other people via #highgate@home. Next week, we will start hosting ‘Remote RAOK’ Society as a Wednesday afternoon activity.

Earlier on in lockdown I sent virtual cards my friends to lighten their spirits and just to check in on them. I, myself received a postcard from a friend which made my day. Lockdown has also allowed me to get better at certain skills like drawing and painting and has given me much more time to go out and take photographs.

Madeleine About the author
Madeleine – Year 8 Pupil
Madeleine is currently in Year 8 and has been a pupil at Highgate since Year 3. In Year 7, she co-founded RAOK (Random Acts of Kindness) Society which now has more than 20 members. RAOK society is a big part of her Highgate life but she also tries to continue it elsewhere.