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It has been almost nine weeks since the lockdown started, but, for me anyway, it seems longer. Asking ‘what are you up to this weekend?’ of a Thursday afternoon feels like something I did years ago. Restarting (virtual) school has helped to cut through this strangely timeless haze, even if the new routine has made me realise how much I miss being a physical part of the school community, complete with orchestra rehearsals and early-morning sport.

However the time appears, a month is always a long time when it comes to a major lifestyle change. I hear about families starting major projects with the extra time they now have, but I think that these people, if they do indeed exist and aren’t just urban legends, must be superhuman to fit everything they want to do into the day and have room for new activities. Even over the holidays, my infinite hours of free time never quite materialised. This is probably because much of it was already accounted for, by violin, singing, touch typing, bridge, exercise, reading, and baking the occasional cake. The decreased sense of urgency, after GCSEs were cancelled, has meant that I’m less motivated to run through a to-do list with maximum efficiency, but I’m enjoying the change of pace and am not at all bored.

I am definitely learning a lot in lockdown, and not just in lessons in five of my favourite possible A-level/Pre-U options. I like being more up to date with what is happening in the world, by reading the news rather than going straight to the film reviews. I have knowledge that I never thought I would use of the various methods of video chatting, and have gained an even greater appreciation both for nature and YouTube, although not necessarily in that order.

Now, like everyone else, I am looking ahead, and am hoping to go back into school as soon as possible. I am cultivating a list of post-quarantine activities (they are mostly food-related) and can’t wait to see everyone again. I am sure having had this experience will make the release from it, when it comes, all the more amazing.

Naomi Richards About the author
Naomi Richards
Naomi Richards-has been at Highgate for almost 13 years and is proud to have been a member of Girls’ Chapel Choir for 9 of them. She is planning on taking Russian, Maths, Further Maths and Philosophy next year and is looking forward to becoming a part of the sixth form.