Highgate’s Art Department believes art is for everyone and that it is through creative activities that pupils learn about themselves, the world around them and gain important life-skills. Art is taught in form groups up to Year 8, you are then taught in smaller groups from Year 9 onwards.

We offer two options for our A level in Art and Design – Fine Art or Interdisciplinary Design. Many of our sixth formers apply to very competitive degree and foundation courses, ranging from fine art to architecture or fashion. We put great emphasis on supporting these sixth formers in the development of their portfolios, alongside their A level work.

Our Art Department’s state-of-the-art building provides studio and gallery space for all. We have facilities for painting, print-making, life drawing, sculpture, pottery, and film-making, as well as an IT suite for graphics and computer aided design, and a photographic darkroom. Our studios are open at lunchtimes and every evening, from 4pm-6pm, so anyone is able to do work at that time with a member of staff on duty to assist.