Classical Civilisation, Greek and Latin

Highgate’s Classics Department offers wide-ranging scholarship on the civilisations of ancient Greece and Rome, exploring these cultures through the study of literature in translation, history and art/archaeology. We are responsible for the teaching of Latin, Greek, Ancient History and Classical Civilisation in Years 7 to 13.

You all study Latin in Years 7 and 8, following the Cambridge Latin Course. From Year 9, some of our pupils, at the recommendation of our Department, then follow our own course in Classical Studies and the vast proportion continue with Latin. In Year 9, three sets of our pupils take Greek as well as Latin (‘Gratin’) as a single combined and fast-paced option, meaning we have around fifty studying Greek. We follow GCSE courses in Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation and Ancient History.

We offer A levels in Ancient History, Classical Civilization, Greek, and Latin. Each year, several of our sixth formers go on to study a wide range of classical degrees at university, and we have sixth formers apply to read a course with a classical element at Oxford or Cambridge.