Drama and Theatre Studies

Drama at Highgate is thriving both within and beyond the curriculum. At GCSE and A Level pupils foster skills that will set them up for life, whether it be developing communication skills, learning how to collaborate successfully with others, working towards a greater understanding of the human condition and forming a lifelong love of the arts and its ability to help us connect to the world we live in. Studying the exam board Edexcel, pupils work on skills of analysis as actors, designers and directors as well as theatre critics. Live theatre trips are a regular feature of both courses, as are visits from a range of different practitioners and industry professionals. Whilst we have had pupils go on to forge careers as actors, stage managers, writers and directors, the subject has also supported entry into careers in Medicine, Journalism and Law.

Drama has long been an important part of the School’s co-curricular programme. We stage three big productions a year, hold an annual, much loved House Drama competition and every other year we put on a musical at a professional theatre and perform with a group of Sixth Formers up at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Many pupils develop an interest in technical theatre. They have the chance to work with our two highly experienced technicians and are inducted in lighting, sound, set design and stage management. The drama studio is a daily hive of creative activity!