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Highgate boasts a rich collection of co-curricular offerings. Whether you’re interested in playing an instrument or singing in a choir, performing in a drama production, playing a sport or joining a society or club, there is something for everyone.

Further information on music, drama and sport can be found here: Music | Drama | Sport


About fifty societies and clubs exist in the School at any time. These are all co-curricular and they vid societes newenable students to meet socially in order to develop, discuss and participate in a wide variety of activities. All of the societies are sponsored by teachers, many of whom are experts in their own fields. Recent societies include: Engineering Society, Cheese Society, Mandarin Society, Spanish Film and Music Club, Junior Mathematics Society, Art in Context, Playwriting Society, Masaryk Society, Junior Biology Society, Medical Society, Middle School Biology, Minimus Project, Charity Committee, Meditation, Photography Club, Programming Club, Creative Writing Society, Junior Classics Society, Junior Puzzle Club, Christian Union, Year 7 Drama Club, Senior English Society, Amnesty International, Philosophy Society, Airfix Society, Law Society, Geography Society, Vinyl & Philosophy, Automobile Society, Stock Picking Society, History Society, Modern Languages Society, Olympiad Problem Solving for Y9-Y10, Jaguar Racing Challenge for Y7-Y9, Environment Group, Feminist Society, Natural Sciences Society, Junior Geography Society, Psychology Society, Veterinary Society, Reptile Society, Charity Committee, Christianity Explored, Film Society, Senior English Society, Engineering Society, Junior History, Bee Keeping, Amnesty International, Classics Society, Junior English, LGBT Society, Olympiad Problem Solving for Y11, Highgate Review, Junior Engineering, Senior Robotics, Senior Maths & Physics, Chemistry Club, Meteorological Society. Meetings have an informal, friendly and enthusiastic atmosphere.

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