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A highly experienced Sixth Form team is on hand to give clear guidance about admissions to university both in the UK and abroad. The admissions process becomes ever more complex and competitive: we therefore ensure that subject specialists are available to offer personalised help tailored to the individual pupil. Preparations for life at university begin in Year 12 where pupils have a structured programme of events. This includes higher education talks for both pupils and parents, visits to universities and a higher education event at which representatives from the vast majority of Russell Group universities and some major US universities are present to talk to pupils and parents. In addition, a range of Extension Classes give pupils the opportunity to go beyond their classroom learning and develop their own scholarly interests. These form part of our broader drive to foster our pupils’ intellectual independence and to introduce them to subjects not taught at School, such as Anthropology, Architecture, Law, Sociology, and Medicine.

The Sixth Form team together with Heads of House, tutors, and higher education representatives from each department work together to assist pupils from the beginning to the end of the university application process. Collectively they have an excellent track record of providing expert advice, enabling pupils to secure places on a wide variety of courses at the best universities in the UK and abroad.


Please click here to see a list of leavers’ destinations.

  • 80% of applicants got into their first choice university (both UK and international applicants).
  • 9% of applicants are going to their insurance choice.
  • 7% of applicants were placed via clearing.
  • The remainder were either not placed or have purposefully decided to re-apply in spite of gaining a place at their first or insurance choice.
  • 32 applicants gained places at Oxbridge (26 from Year 13, 6 from Year 14 applicants).

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