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We owe our existence to our founder, Sir Roger Cholmeley, and to the generosity of the Bishop of London, Edmund Grindal, who made the grant of land on which the principal buildings of the Senior School have stood ever since. The original Elizabethan chapel and school house have long since gone but Highgate is defined by those early boundaries. Even though our Elizabethan heritage is not evident in any surviving buildings, very few Elizabethan schools remain on their original sites, as we do.

Maintaining our nineteenth-century buildings, and enhancing our teaching and learning environment across all our buildings both old and new, is an important and costly process.  In recent years, the addition of the Garner and Charter Buildings, and the conversion of School House into the Mills Centre for art, design technology and engineering, plus the transformation of Big School into the truly exceptional Sir Martin Gilbert Library, have all greatly enhanced our ability to fulfil our educational purpose.

The master plan for our site is based on a combination of realism and ambition: realism, in that we know that several of our buildings require serious investment, and ambition, in that we are convinced that short-term solutions will ultimately be money wasted, since we have the opportunity to do much more.

We have longer-term plans to transform Dyne House and the area behind it into a new Sixth Form centre, theatre and arts complex, and to completely overhaul our sports and swimming facilities at the Mallinson Sports Centre.

Please get in touch with the Development Director, Salima Virji, on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 020 8347 2136 for a confidential discussion about giving.

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