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We currently employ around 650 teachers and support staff who form a vibrant, diverse and welcoming community

Highgate’s Governors

  • Governors Info

    Governors, listed above, who are the Charity’s Trustees, are responsible for the governance of the School. The structure of the Board is governed by the Charity’s Scheme of Governance dated 1 September 2005, as amended, which states that the Governing Body shall consist of between 10 and 18 Governors.

    The full Governing Body meets at least six times a year. There are a number of sub-committees that meet at least three times a year: (1) Finance, Audit and Risk Committee, (2) Estates Committee, (3) Nominations and Remuneration Committee and (4) Safeguarding Committee. Governors drawn from the sub-committees meet periodically to review the ethical dimensions to school policies and, where required, to consider significant matters of education policy or practice.

    The Nominations and Remuneration Committee is responsible for overseeing succession planning to ensure the Governing Body contains appropriate diversity, experience and skills, and making recommendations to Governors about recruitment processes for new Governors. Recent appointments have involved advertising roles, prior to a sifting and interview process, within our parent body (2014 – resulted in 4 new Governors), within our parent body and alumni (2018 – resulted in 2 new Governors; 2020 – resulted in 1 new Governor) and externally using a leading board-search organisation (2023 – resulted in 2 new Governors). Occasionally, a particular individual is engaged who has a skill or experience which is needed (eg an educationalist or someone with safeguarding expertise) prior to them being interviewed. All new Governors receive induction training.

    Governors, as charity trustees, must serve the interests of the Charity and be concerned only to deliver its charitable objects. For that reason a Governor who is a parent or associated with another group (eg alumni) cannot be, and is not considered to be, a delegate of that body or representing its interest when acting as Governor. All Governors are obliged to avoid conflicts of interests and/or loyalty whether related to personal issues or other groups or associations.

    The Governing Body can also appoint associate members to serve on one or more of the sub-committees/working groups and/or to attend full Governing Body meetings. Associate members are often selected to draw on expertise and experience from outside the Governor membership.

    If someone is interested in finding out more about the School’s Governance, please contact the Secretary and Clerk to the Governing Body.

  • Senior School Senior Team

    Adam Pettitt* Head

    Florence Bill Development Director
    Keith Brown Assistant Head, Director of Studies
    Simon Brunskill Assistant Head, Bursaries and Pastoral
    Matt Crump Deputy Bursar
    Arthur Dabrowski* Acting Deputy Head, Pastoral
    Clare Marie Goldsworthy Assistant Head, Communications
    Sally Hancock* Principal of the Pre-Preparatory School
    Heather Isaksen Acting Head of Middle School
    Cleo Lawrence Director of Safeguarding
    Todd Lindsay* Senior Deputy Head
    Jenny McLoughlin Assistant Head, Pupil Engagement
    James Newton* Deputy Head, Academic
    Chanel Noel Community Partnership Director
    Daryl Noyce Assistant Head, Academic Ops and Digital Strategy
    Jonathan Pearson Acting Head of Middle School
    John Pheasant* Bursar
    Sam Pullan Assistant Head, Executive Operations
    Elizabeth Roberts Assistant Head, Head of Lower School
    Graeme Robertson* Deputy Head, Professional
    Jen Sacks Assistant Head, Academic
    Louise Shelley* Senior Deputy Head
    Henry Shepherd Assistant Head, Academic
    Verity Smith Assistant Head, Head of Sixth Form, Pastoral
    Guy Waller Assistant Head, Head of Sixth Form, Academic
    Julie Welch Assistant Head, Projects and Logistics
    Kasia Wojtkowiak Director of Compliance and Qualifications
    *Member of the Strategy Management Committee (SMC)

    University and Careers:
    Catherine Carter – Director of Higher Education
    Vivienne Spoerri – Director of N American University Admissions
    Amandeep Jaspal – Careers and Employability Specialist

  • Junior School Senior Team

    Philippa Studd* Principal of the Junior School

    Matthew Foley Deputy Principal
    Emma Duong Deputy Principal (Pastoral)
    Alison Lloyd Director of Studies
    Victoria Nemeth Assistant Principal (Curriculum and Communications)
    Matt Anderson Assistant Principal (Community Partnership)
    Hettie Feiler Head of Junior School Music
    Roshan Adams Pastoral Lead

    *Strategy Management Committee member

  • Pre-Prep Senior Team

    Sally Hancock* Principal of the Pre-Preparatory School
    Philippa Poll Deputy Principal (Teaching and Learning)
    Hayley Lock Deputy Principal (Pastoral)
    Elissa Ellison Deputy Principal (Curriculum)

    *Strategy Management Committee member

For information on working at Highgate, please visit our Work with us page.

Chair of Governors contact details

If you wish to contact the Chair of Governors, please address your letter to:


Bob Rothenberg MBE
c/o The Secretary to the Foundation and Clerk to the Governors, Mr J C Pheasant
Highgate School
70 North Road
N6 4AY