Our Senior School teachers are enthusiastic and well-qualified subject specialists.


  • To enable all pupils to view academic struggle as a normal and valuable aspect of their learning, with a focus on colleagues’ effective use of differentiation to support pointful struggle
  • To continue to make aspiration and ambition the guiding principles of Year 10 and Year 11 teaching, so that both years are academically stimulating, enriching and enjoyable, and are seen as preparation for sixth form study
  • To capitalise on the regeneration of academic culture in our Sixth Form by promoting scholarship for all and teaching pupils how to be independent


We have eight forms in Years 7 and 8, and you follow a common timetable to experience a wide spectrum of academic disciplines. By the time you start your ten GCSEs or IGCSEs (in Year 10), you will have developed an appropriate pattern of work, both in and out of class. Homework is an integral part of study.

Educational resources include our learning platform, HERO, which enables you to access materials and extension work. This complements our intranet, and parent and pupil portals. Use is guided by trained professionals, alongside facilities in our academic departments, which have specialist teaching rooms, equipment and, where appropriate, technicians, computers and libraries.


Key examples of the variety and innovation within our Year 7 and 8 curricula:

  • Our Year 7 pupils follow a general Science course that introduces scientific methods and investigations; they then have lessons in the three separate sciences from Year 8 onwards.
  • Within Drama, the practical study of an entire play in Year 7 ensures each pupil has the chance to perform in front of their year, while all our Year 7 and 8 drama pupils can perform at the annual Highgate Festival.
  • French is taught to all our pupils; in Year 7, pupils take a language carousel in which German, Mandarin, Russian and Spanish are introduced before our pupils settle on their second modern language in Year 8.
  • All our pupils study Latin, and our most or enthusiastic classical linguists have the opportunity to also study Ancient Greek.
I particularly like how committed, and willing to help outside of the lessons, Highgate teachers are —Highgate Senior School pupil, 2019


In our Senior School,
our teacher to pupil ratio is 1:9.


At Highgate, you take ten GCSEs or IGCSEs and are taught in classes of around 20. In Year 10, all our pupils start: Biology, Chemistry, English Language and English Literature, Mathematics, a modern foreign language, and Physics.

Three additional GCSE or IGCSE subjects are taken from: Art, Classical Civilisation, Computer Science, Design Technology and Engineering, Drama, Geography, Greek, History, Latin, a second modern foreign language, and Music.


Throughout both Year 10 and Year 11, you have sports afternoons and regularly have lessons dedicated to PSHEE.

You also have introductory lessons in Philosophy, Economics, Politics and History of Art, so you can approach your Sixth Form subject choices well-informed. In Year 10 you also have a day of Sixth Form taster lessons.

Our Senior School departments

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