Beyond the classroom

At Highgate, time is set aside, each week, for you to take part in at least one co-curricular venture from our extensive and innovative programme.

Our programme of co-curricular activities provides countless opportunities to have fun, make new friends, and learn beyond the classroom. By immersing yourself in Highgate life, in its fullest sense, we hope you will be able to:

  • enjoy exploring your interests and discovering new passions;
  • develop personal qualities such as self-motivation, collaboration and leadership; and
  • contribute positively to our School and wider communities

We are exceptionally fortunate when it comes to sport at Highgate with extensive facilities, highly qualified staff and a wide range of sporting pathways available to all. You will have at least one afternoon per week dedicated to sport and exercise, and there are further training sessions if you represent our school in one of our many teams.

6th Form soclialising

Across Highgate, we aim to inspire you to study and to work creatively. This goes beyond the classroom, with exciting co-curricular opportunities in all of the creative arts – music, drama, and art.

We provide an extensive careers programme and preparation for university applications both in the UK and abroad (eg USA and Canada). You will be assigned a higher education mentor, who will be able to advise you on your pathway.

At Highgate, our co-curricular offering continues to evolve and develop in response to the changing needs of our students and the world around us.


Fieldwork, educational visits and trips form an integral part of school life, offering unique experiences throughout the year. Whether it’s participating in a Duke of Edinburgh scheme trip to our cottage in Wales, or visiting Europe to practice language skills. And, with all that London has to offer on our doorstep, our curriculum is further enriched by visits to historic sites, galleries, museums, performances, talks and lectures.

  • Recent trips and visits

    Recent trips and visits include:

    • drama trips to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Stratford-upon-Avon
    • sports tours to South Africa, Arnhem, Glasgow, Barcelona, Austria and Canada
    • language exchanges to France, Spain and Germany
    • history of art trip to Prague
    • classics trip to Sicily
    • geography field trips to Cerrig, our school’s centre in Wales, and the Lake District
    • Duke Of Edinburgh training in the Chiltern Hills and Snowdonia


Highgate offers a cycle of concerts,
recitals and drama performances during the year
involving over 500 pupils of all ages.


Outdoor education is thriving at Highgate. A huge number of our sixth formers and staff are involved in our programme which has, at its heart, a number of core aims: to support the personal development journey of the individual; to promote fun and adventure; to recognise the value of being outside and engaging with the natural world; and to enjoy the associated benefits for physical and mental health.


Highgate activities, clubs and societies ensure all pupils try something different, build new skills and make new friends. By Year 13, students may well be leading one of our clubs or societies – either an established one or one that they’ve founded.

For Sixth Formers, our clubs and societies fall under the following two categories:

Tuesday After School Activities (TAA)

Our timetabled after school programme (for those who choose in Years 12 and 13) remains a firm fixture in the diary.

Clubs and societies

Highgate’s diverse clubs and societies are often sixth form-led, meeting over lunch and after school. We welcome ideas by pupils to set up new societies connected to subjects they are interested in.



Highgate has over 150 clubs and societies and growing!


CCF develops leadership and offers a varied package of training plus adventurous pursuits like climbing, kayaking, abseiling, walking and caving. Highgate’s CCF is run by our older pupils and sixth formers, who hold non-commissioned officer ranks, and School staff, with some assistance from the army.


The Duke of Edinburgh award is internationally recognised and highly respected. It aims to help young people develop a range of skills such as teamwork, resilience and giving something back to the community. In 2023, 271 Highgate pupils were involved across Bronze, Silver and Gold awards, taking part in volunteering and earning new skills, as well as undertaking challenging camping expeditions where they learn to be self-sufficient and trek independently.


Number of pupils in D of E scheme in 2023


Over the course of our Sixth Form, you will aim to develop a particular interest in one or two subjects which you hope to pursue at university. To support this, our departments begin enrichment classes in January of Year 12, and you are expected to attend at least one class a week. Our enrichment classes are aimed at extending subject knowledge and skills beyond your A level syllabuses.

Enrichment classes are offered not only in subjects studied as part of the curriculum but also options like engineering, medicine, psychology, finance, and archaeology.


All our sixth formers play an active role in shaping our School community and we greatly value your ideas and input. A sample of popular groups to join:

Sixth Form council – Representatives from the different houses meet regularly to discuss their ideas for improving our School and making a positive difference

Environment Committee – This impassioned group is committed to helping our School drive through important sustainability initiatives

Charity and Community Action Committee – This group is committed to raising the profile of community engagement and to raising funds for our pupil-nominated charities

London Citizens Racial Justice Group – Read about our recent pupil-led Racial Justice Conference for over 200 students across London here.

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