Forest School

As we lose touch with nature, and our natural environment declines, Forest School reignites children’s love and respect for our world.

Our Forest School helps us to ensure that outdoor learning remains a strong focus at Highgate. We have three trained Forest School leader so all our pupils attend our Forest School, using a dedicated outdoor space in our School grounds, on a regular basis.

Our Forest School leader explains: ‘Forest School believes in children’s right to play and provides regular opportunities to engage with the outdoors through the changing seasons. It also supports the development of social skills, self-regulation, empathy, self-awareness and self-motivation.

I love Forest School;
when I'm there my imagination runs wild! —Louise, Year 2 pupil, 2018
Teaching methods in the Pre-Prep are great, especially Forest School. —Pre-Prep parent, 2018

Through our Forest School, our Pre-Prep pupils learn to persevere and take risks in a safe and secure environment, experience a healthy range of emotions through interactions with their peers and the woodland environment, raise their self-esteem by engaging with challenging yet achievable tasks, and develop a curiosity and appreciation for the natural world around them.

A woodland environment is significant in supporting this dynamic approach to learning, sparking the senses through its plethora of tastes, textures, scents, sounds and visual stimuli. At Highgate, within the safety of our School grounds, we have our own deciduous woodland, providing a purpose built fire circle and dedicated outdoor space.