The arts at Highgate Junior School

We inspire our pupils to study and to work creatively. This includes exciting co-curricular opportunities in music, drama, and art.


At Highgate, our range of musical activities encourages the beginner or furthers the talented musician.

From Year 3, all our pupils learn a stringed instrument as part of our Junior Strings Project. However many, across all years, also take individual instrumental lessons.

We have the following Junior School instrumental ensembles:

  • junior symphony orchestra
  • chamber orchestra
  • junior woodwind ensemble
  • several jazz bands
  • brass group

Our three choirs provide music for Sunday Choral Evensongs, with a further three covering a range of repertoires. There are four main concerts each year, one in a major London venue. Informal concerts for pupils who play instruments are also held each term.

'Music is excellent, a real strength with fabulous playing opportunities - bravo!’ —Junior School parent
‘I love the breadth of both the curriculum experience and co-curricular opportunities.' —Junior School parent


Drama is taught as a separate subject throughout our Junior School, and there are termly drama productions within and across year groups.

Our active Drama Club encourages pupils with a particular talent for drama to take their interest further.

Junior School Play


Highgate offers a cycle of concerts, recitals
and drama performances during the year
involving over 500 pupils of all ages.


Art is a way to further develop a pupil’s understanding of different disciplines and expose them to new and engaging topics. It is delivered across our Junior School by a specialist teacher in a dedicated classroom, with lessons seeking to foster interest, as well as skill, in many different forms of art.

As our pupils progress through our Junior School, their knowledge and understanding of art is expanded to include a variety of visual mediums. Our School lends itself well as a gallery to exhibit each and every pupil’s artwork, as individual pieces or as combined installations.