Sixth Form classroom

Emphasis is placed on developing academic independence, employing advanced study skills, and enjoying subjects for what they are.

We offer a range of subjects, with enthusiastic and well-qualified subject specialist teachers. Our Sixth Form courses last for two years and are linear, with terminal examinations at the end of Year 13. The wide range of A levels we offer are recognised and respected by universities and employers alike.


In our Sixth Form, classes
of around 6 to 12 are usual.

We have separate Sixth Form common rooms for independent study and socialising, while the top floor of our well-equipped library is dedicated to Sixth Former use. Educational resources include our learning platform, HERO, which enables students to access materials and extension work. We recently added the digital platform Teams as a supplementary communication tool. The use of these platforms is guided by trained professionals, alongside facilities in our academic departments, which have specialist teaching rooms, workshops, equipment and, where appropriate, technicians, computers and libraries.

Beyond our Sixth Form classroom, we offer fieldwork, trips and visits, and a variety of educational and co-curricular activities.

Our courses

You study four courses at A level in Year 12, and complete three or four full A levels by the end of Year 13. Each year, a growing number of our sixth formers take four courses in Year 13. We offer individual advice and strive to ensure everyone has a programme of study that suits their individual abilities and ambitions.


of all Highgate’s Year 13 exam entries were
awarded A*or A at A level (or Pre-U equivalent) in 2023

Academic enrichment

Year 12 students follow a one-term course in Critical Method, with many going on to embark on the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).

We also offer extension classes (all are expected to attend at least one a week) plus a wide range of enrichment classes and academic forums. All of these are designed to allow Sixth Formers to develop their knowledge beyond the syllabus and prepare for future study.

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