Pre-Prep pastoral care

Highgate’s pro-active pastoral care underpins all of our activities: pupil wellbeing is at the heart of all our thinking and teaching.

Our pupils

Within our Pre-Prep, we aim to foster a reflective and supportive atmosphere, marked by mutual respect between adults and pupils.

At present, we have three classes in Reception and are moving to a three-form entry in each year group in the next two years. We have planned for this expansion and will be embarking upon an exciting new building project to be completed in August 2022.

Highgate Pre Prep understands that pastoral care is just as important as everything else. Pre Prep parent, 2021
Our children have emerged happy, confident and with a clear sense of their own identity. Pre Prep parent, 2021

Pastoral care is our number one priority and underpins all that we do. All staff offer pastoral support to children and are supported in doing this by the Deputy Principal (Pastoral) and play therapist. Positive behaviour is encouraged through our PSHE programme, circle time and school values that set out the moral code which underpins our School life. We have regular assemblies, including one for all pupils each Friday, where achievements are shared and celebrated.

We encourage pupils to become independent and take responsibility for their own learning, aspects of our school life and the wider world. We have two elected representatives from each class who sit on our Pupil Council and two who sit on our Eco Council, working to improve our School with ideas from their peers.

We retain very close links with our Junior School, to which most pupils transfer at age 7, thus providing a secure continuity of education.

Our parents

“The care, kindness, and passion the teachers have at Highgate Pre-Prep means that it is more than just a school; it’s a second home for our children”.

—Pre-Prep parent, 2021

Education is a shared venture. At Highgate, we see our pupils, their parents/carers and our teachers co-existing in a virtuous triangle, where each side is fully involved with, and supportive of, the other.

The progress of our Pre-Prep pupils is continuously monitored by our teachers. Full reports are sent to parents/carers at regular intervals, as a formal record of progress. Reports are also made available on our parent portal. In addition, we hold a termly parents’ consultation meeting, where all staff are present.