Junior School pastoral care

Highgate’s pro-active pastoral care underpins all of our activities: pupil wellbeing is at the heart of all our thinking and teaching.


Our Junior School has five classes across each of our year groups, with all our pupils belonging to a class and to one of our four houses.

Within our Junior School, our year groups are physically grouped together in our building and our curriculum is overseen by a Head of Year. Pastoral support comes from each form teacher in the first instance, supported by our Deputy Principal (Pastoral).

Highgate Junior School pastoral


Our house system provides an additional pastoral layer, with Heads of House encouraging and monitoring each child’s individual personal development. Our house system aims to develop our children’s sense of belonging, recognising and celebrating their individual strengths while encouraging a contribution to the wider life of our school and a dedication to their own personal development.

We retain very close links with our Senior School, to which most pupils transfer at age 11, providing a secure continuity of education.

Each child’s individual character is embraced and nurtured, and each child is encouraged to have a voice that is heard and respected.

— Junior School parent, 2021


Our School community is underpinned by 9 key Values that make up our Character Skills Programme. Each term has a focus on one of these Values and our pupils are encouraged to demonstrate these in both their academic and their social learning.

We aim to build Resilience, Independence and Persistence whilst fostering Empathy, Cooperation and Good Judgement alongside nurturing Reflectiveness, Creativity, Organisation and Focus. To support the development of these areas, our pupils have weekly OWL (Our Weekly Learning) lessons where they learn how to develop their executive functions and take ownership of applying these values in all that they do.

I have never come across a more nurturing or caring school. Junior School parent, 2021
The school may be large, but every child is seen and valued. Junior School parent, 2021
The best aspect of Highgate Junior School is its exceptional level of pastoral care. Junior School parent 2021


Education is a shared venture. At Highgate, we see our pupils, their parents/carers and our teachers co-existing in a virtuous triangle, where each side is fully involved with, and supportive of, the other.

We believe it is essential that parents/carers are provided with objective, constructive and regular feedback on the academic progress of their children. We provide parent-teacher consultation evenings twice a year, full academic reports at the end of each term and staff are available outside these times should parents/carers want extra support.