Careers and employability

By providing specialist support, we help our pupils develop employability skills and make informed choices about careers options

At Highgate, we’ve created a dynamic and innovative careers and employability programme tailored to meet the individual needs of each year group as they explore their future opportunities.

In addition, pupils receive extensive help and support with their university applications from our experienced higher education team.

Read more about why we won Careers Programme of 2020-21 here

Amandeep and Louise - Careers Programme of 2020

Navigating careers and exploring options can be tough. To make sure our our pupils receive relevant, up-to-to-date advice, we employ a full-time Careers and Employability Specialist who works very closely with our Deputy Head (Pupils’ Personal Development and Employability).

Through our ambitious    programme, we want pupils, including those from partner schools, to develop a clearer understanding of their own personal motivations, values and know the different opportunities available to them.

Activities and events

Activities are tailored for specific year groups. Here’s a sample of what takes place across the different age groups:

  • In Year 9, pupils attend at least one careers Q&A panel talk per year, and each subsequent year at Highgate, where they hear reflections from former pupils on their pathway and decision making
  • In Year 10, every pupil completes an extensive online careers survey (supported by Morrisby) which generates a personalised report. This is followed up with a 20-minute one-to-one conversation with a professional external careers advisor. In addition, we run an exciting Year 10 Employability Day, with workshops and visiting professionals from myriad industries.
  • In Year 11, pupils are given guidance on writing CVs and letters of application for work experience to get a better understanding of the working world.
  • In Sixth Form, pupils can take part in our employability mentoring programme which sees them working alongside industry professionals and sixth formers from partner sibling school LAET. Year 12 pupils take part in a formal practice job interview with an external professional, who provides individual detailed feedback and advice

Alongside this core compulsory activity, there are many other opportunities for pupils throughout the year:

  • Bookable one-to-one careers conversations enable pupils to receive impartial guidance; to explore individual career options; to develop their CVs; to work on applications for apprenticeships, internships, volunteering and gap year opportunities
  • Our annual careers fair sees Year 11 pupils and sixth formers (from Highgate and our partner schools) talking to representatives from different employment fields
  • A wide range of careers events and talks that include monthly lunchtime sessions and Q&A panel sessions

We are lucky to be able to draw on the expertise of our dedicated alumni and parent body who provide significant support for our many initiatives. If you are interested in taking part to help pupils, please contact us.



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