Building Projects

We have an exciting programme of building projects planned over the next decade

Estates Masterplan

Highgate’s estates strategy is carefully developed to ensure both academic requirements and building needs are aligned.

We have worked closely with the London Borough of Haringey to develop a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) for the School site which was adopted by the council in March 2021. The focus of our strategy is on creating modern buildings that can cope with the academic demand, replacing ageing facilities and providing flexibility in response to modern teaching requirements. We also have a responsibility to improve accessibility and the energy efficiency of these facilities. The programme is not one of pupil growth.

CapEx Line Drawing

Proposed Projects

Sixth Form Campus (Dyne House site) – There is a need to enhance our Sixth Form facilities to provide a communal area tailored to our eldest pupils’ needs, as an appropriate steppingstone to university and work as opposed to being a two-year extension of school life.

Senior School Music Provision (Dyne House site) – The number of pupils who either wish to study academic music and/or learn to play instruments and collaborate as part of ensembles or orchestras has increased by circa 33% over the last seven years. This means that more practice rooms and a larger performance space are required.

Science Block (Senior School) – located within the Island Site campus of the Senior School, the Science Block has been an integral part of the School since it was built in the first half of the 20th century. A substantial refurbishment and reconfiguration would ensure that the facilities are in line with 21st century teaching and fully accessible.

Senior School Drama Provision – Drama has only quite recently been introduced as a fully-fledged curriculum subject from Year 7 to Year 13, at GCSE and at A-Level. We need dedicated, flexible, purpose-built facilities to meet the School’s ambitions both for drama teaching and for productions. This new performance centre is outlined in the planning application known as ‘Richards Music Centre’.

Internal and External Sports Facilities  – The Mallinson Sports Centre requires significant maintenance in terms of both upkeep and investment to modernise and substantially improve the offering and quality of space provided. The outdoor facilities, including the ‘Far Field’ site, also require improvements to optimise their use in term time.

Temporary Accommodation – High quality temporary accommodation will be provided on a portion of our existing synthetic pitch located on the Bishopswood Road campus, to accommodate lessons during the Science Block, Dyne House and performance centre projects. Large parts of the main site will remain in use.

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