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Highgate Junior School aims to ensure that every child from Year 3 to Year 6 is excited about learning. We want children to grow in confidence, enthusiasm and independence during their time with us, in preparation for life in the Senior School and beyond. Situated within walking distance of Kenwood House and Hampstead Heath our spacious grounds, up-to-date facilities, dedicated staff and forward thinking teaching methods, offer a creative, stimulating environment within which children can develop a lifelong love of learning. Our intake reflects the diversity of modern London and we seek to expose our children to the rich and varied cultural life that London has to offer.

The Junior School has very close links with the Senior School, to which girls and boys transfer at eleven, thus providing a secure continuity of education. The Junior School does not prepare pupils for other senior independent schools. The Principal is a member of the Independent Association of Preparatory Schools (IAPS).

We moved into brand new facilities on the site of the old Junior School in Bishopswood Road in September 2016. Built to the highest specification, the school has 20 general teaching classrooms, two science laboratories, with further specialist rooms and areas for Art, Design and Technology, ICT, Drama and Music. The new school has a 360 retractable seat hall for assemblies, concerts and dramatic productions as well as a library and central exhibition space. Outside, the play spaces are designed for creative and imaginative games. There is a small amphitheatre and literary garden too.

Further information is available here.

We have 350 children in four classes across four year groups. The year groups are physically grouped together within the buildings and overseen by a Head of Year to ensure coherence and consistency in the curriculum offered and to create a sense of unity and belonging for the children

The school is served by the Principal, two Deputy Principals, 2 Assistant Principals and 22 other full- and part-time teaching staff. There are a number of support staff and classroom assistants as well as peripatetic music staff and learning support teachers.

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