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This week, children in Years 1 and 2 of the Pre-Prep took part in a Spring Festival Celebration morning to learn more about a range of springtime festivals. Pupils engaged in a carousel of workshops around Passover, Easter, Holi, Ramadan/Eid and Chinese Boat Festival, involving families from our community.

We were delighted to have several parents join us to lead sessions and guide children through a selection of activities, including making seder plates, blow painting cards, marshmallows baked in pastry, Moroccan tea and date tasting, and building and decorating a model dragon boat.

Children were excited to share their family traditions and learn more about other cultural events from within their community and around the world.

Kani explained: “It felt good to show what Eid is like for me. I felt proud to share.”

Jack added: “It was great having my mum come into school and making a seder plate.”

Indi said: “I really liked making the Holi card because it was fun blowing the paint and it looked really pretty.”

Elissa Ellison, Deputy Principal (Curriculum) of the Pre-Prep, concluded: “We place high value on our rich, diverse community and the Spring Festival morning was a wonderful opportunity for us to showcase a selection of festivals celebrated by our families. It was particularly meaningful to be able to include parents in running workshops to share their own personal experiences.”