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A level and Pre-U exam results for the Class of 2022 were released to students today after the seasonal but inevitably anxious wait for news which will shape young people’s lives.

Hard on the heels of the fateful email from school came news from universities, reflecting the tremendous range of academic fields that our pupils have decided to pursue beyond Highgate.

Surveying the subject choices of Highgate’s sixth formers, Guy Waller, Academic Head of the School’s Sixth Form, commented: “As well as the expected popularity of STEM subjects and Social Sciences, the Arts and Humanities are alive and well with over 60 pupils continuing with subjects under this umbrella; a further 12 pupils have opted for Modern Language courses, and a similar number are going down the Creative Arts route. Such a broad spectrum suggests that our pupils really are choosing courses for the love of their subjects, which I hope will give them the best chance of a fulfilling and happy time in Higher Education. Well done to all the Year 13s!

Highgate’s Head, Adam Pettitt, commented: “The focus this year has been on what the results mean for our students in realising their ambitions to go to university. The early signs are that Highgate’s Year 13 not only worked really hard and revised wisely but made shrewd and thoughtful choices.

The sheer range of courses and destinations which became our students’ first choice indicates serious, purposeful decision-making with an eye to intellectual fulfilment and top employment. More than ever, our young people want to make the most of their skills and qualities, leaving us determined to achieve deliberate, focused goals they have set themselves. This is a generation to watch!”

Highgate class of 2022

Dr Catherine Carter, Highgate’s Director of Higher Education, added: ‘Some of our most ambitious pupils commit to four subjects throughout the sixth form. That takes grit and counter-cultural breadth. It is inspiring to see universities reward the intellectual ambition of these pupils determined to keep with the four A level programme in Year 13.

Reflecting on the unprecedented conditions faced by this year’s cohort, Guy Waller, commented: “I’m very proud of what the class of 2022 have achieved under incredibly trying circumstances during their time in the Sixth Form.”

Verity Smith, Head of Sixth Form (Pastoral), who supported this year group in its final twelve months at school, concluded: “It is wonderful to see so much evidence of this cohort’s resilience in these results. It’s easy to forget that this was their first ever set of public exams, coming at the end of a uniquely challenging two-year period. Each batch of results tells a story and each pupil deserves to feel exceptionally proud of what they have achieved and who they have become.”

Highgate class of 2022