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Last week, pupils in our Senior School celebrated Highgate’s third Arts and Humanities Week, with a packed schedule of events each day – from screen printing and author talks, to lively debates and practical workshops. Pupils immersed themselves in the rich programme of activities, which concluded on Friday with Highgate’s Summer Exhibition, showcasing submissions from both pupils and staff.

The Exhibition Committee

It was a fantastic week!” Michael Morgan enthused, Head of Academic Extension and Enrichment, and chair of the Arts Week Committee. “Particular highlights were Year 12 Art Historians’ fabulous Summer Exhibition in the Chapel Cloister. They even brushed the floor and cleaned the windows, whilst writing a catalogue and organising a jazz group to play at the event!”

“I was also dazzled by how much Y7 know about deep-sea creatures in the talk by young adult novelist Adam Connors – I’ve learnt so much myself! Year 9 screen-printing t-shirts and learning about the fashion industry from the founder and creative inspiration behind Klements, was another highlight, as was exploring the connections between the arts and environmentalism with Dr. Roberts. As we learnt, perhaps it is the arts which will save us!”

Olivia in Y12, shared her experiences from the ‘How to be an Art Critic’ session, saying “The talk was very interesting because I realised what art critics do on a daily basis, and really how pressurising it is to be a journalist. I do History of Art A level and therefore was interested to see the behind the scenes of an art critic.”

She added, “The week was full of different activities around art and creativity. I think that it is important to celebrate arts and humanities because they are crucial for creative outputs and for understanding others. Looking at art can be thought- provoking and emotional.”

Michael Morgan agrees: “The Arts and Humanities aren’t just about things. They are about people and the act of creation that enriches every part of our lives. We should appreciate living in a society where we have people who are photographers, historians, translators and literary critics.

“This is at the heart of Arts and Humanities Week, to inspire and encourage pupils to become ever-more creative people.”

You can read Michael’s blog about Arts and Humanities week on our Highgate Voices page, here.