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This week, pupils in our Senior School have been baking, busking and battling it out on the netball pitch to raise money for our Charity and Community Week.

All proceeds from the daily events will be split between the pupils’ chosen charities:

Hannah, Y13, who is on the Charity and Community Action Group, said: “We believe Charity and Community Week is a hugely important event in the school calendar. Each year it can be seen to bring people together from all across the Highgate community, in efforts to contribute to numerous great causes and have fun in the process!”

Highlights from the week included daily bake sales, busking bands in central hall and the annual Battle of the Greats netball match, where our First football team challenged our First netball team to a thrilling lunchtime match. (The girls won!)

There were charity breakfasts, quizzes, movie-nights, staff karaoke and guess the sweets in the jar. With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, pupils were able to buy and send love-hearts to their friends. On Wednesday, the dining hall hosted their annual charity lunch – donating the day’s lunch budget to the school charities, whilst offering a simple menu with ingredients donated by suppliers.

On Thursday, as part of our eco-campaign Fast Fashion Free February, we held a sustainable non-uniform day. Pupils and staff were encouraged to wear old/borrowed/second hand/upcycled/ handmade or natural-fibre clothing for a donation, to raise awareness of the devastating effects of the fast fashion industry.

This year, pupil representatives for the various action groups were asked to pitch their ideas for the chosen charities to a staff panel, and in front of their peers. The standard of presentations and heartfelt commitment was impressive from all who took part.

Mia in Y13 from Environment Society says about UK Antarctic Heritage Trust and the British Antarctic Survey: “These charities do really important work preserving wildlife in Antarctica as well as identifying trends related to climate change that affect the whole world.”

Sophie in Y11 from the Charity and Community Action Group explains why she wants to support Street Child: “I think it is extremely important because we are supporting people who would otherwise not get an education, and even giving a little bit can go a long way.”

Ash in Y13 from Citizens Club says about Women’s Aid: “It supports and helps rebuild the lives of victims of domestic abuse and their children. This year the theme is ‘A Connected Community’ and I feel like Women’s Aid ties in with that because domestic abuse is something that can tear communities apart, and Women’s Aid is a charity that is helping to heal communities.

Tim Hyam, Co-Director of Pupil Volunteering & Community Engagement, summarised: “The pupils have enjoyed getting involved in the events this week to raise money for the causes they care about. We value Charity and Community Week not only for the money that is raised but also for the connections the week fosters, both within the school and between the school and the wider world.”