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Last week six of our pupils took part in an adrenaline fuelled climbing competition

Fearless of heights, a pair of Year 10s, Anna and Lucien, Year 11s, Maxim and Clare, and Year 12s, Elena and Felix, travelled with Dr Reilly, Mr Blackshaw and Ms Wykurz, our Outdoor Education team, to compete in the Independent Schools Climbing Competition in Worcester.

Over one hundred pupils from other schools participated. The competition comprised of two parts: 8 boulder problems of increasing difficulty and 4 top rope problems of increasing difficulty up to a height of 14 meters.

Impressive Agility

Here you can see the Highgate team scaling the climbing wall:

Felix was the first to complete a spontaneous ‘dyno’ challenge, a momentum-building initiative created by participants waiting for their results!

The competition consisted of three categories; Intermediate Boys, Intermediate Girls and Advanced. Our pupils were all entered into the Intermediate category and the squad showed fantastic teamwork and support for each other throughout the competition.

Mr Blackshaw said of his adventurous squad:

‘It was great to see our pupils climbing competitively, and although the standard was high throughout, our pupils did exceedingly well with many of them gaining a number of perfect scores for many of the routes.

 For many pupils it was the first time they had competed, and seeing them realise just how proficient they are in the sport was excellent.

 With climbing being included in the Olympics for the first time next year, it’s a really exciting moment for the sport, and hopefully here at Highgate it will continue to grow and we will have pupils gaining success competitively in the future.’