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Y6 pupils have been working on a charity project called ‘Give Together Volunteering’ – an initiative that enables them to contribute to the work of charities that are focused on improving young people’s lives, giving them the support that they need for a positive start in life.

Pupils helped to fill ‘Comfort Cases’ with practical items that children might need when joining a new foster family

Junior School pupils have taken part in four different workshops, each with a different practical task to complete. They have collected essential items for Herts Young Homeless and packed ‘Comfort Cases’ for children who are in the foster care system. Through the Norwood Sensory Project, they made butterfly sensory bottles for children with additional needs. Before the end of the school year, they will be organising a food drive for  Give. Help. Share.

Ms Sawdaye describes the activities for her class, who took part in a workshop with Herts Young Homeless: “As part of the workshop, the pupils expanded their understanding of what it means to be homeless and learnt about the impacts it can have on young people. After the workshop, the children spent time thinking about what a person might find useful in their new home and provided gifts of utensils, cutlery and mugs that were sent to the young people.”

Daniel explains, “I became more empathetic and I understood that you can be homeless in many ways, not just not having a house.”

Sophia added, “It felt really good to know that I had helped in some way.”

Children made butterfly sensory bottles for Norwood

Victoria Nemeth, Assistant Principal of the Junior School, reflected: “The ‘Give Together’ volunteering initiative has helped pupils to learn about the concept of charity in general and what ‘giving’ means. By eliciting pupils’ understanding of being empathetic in a variety of contexts, the workshop providers used creative ways to prompt Year 6 children to donate their time and ideas to the four chosen charities.”