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This year, a new selection of competitions has been added to the annual Senior School House event schedule, designed to bring pupils together in a light-hearted, competitive environment and showcase a range of skills.

Four new ‘Participation’ events have taken place during Michaelmas term, including House Puzzles, Quickfire Art, Bake Off and Skittles. These tournaments are lower stakes and all about the participation that is so intrinsic to house life.

House Bake-Off showcased a range of culinary delights

Charles Martland, Senior Head of House, reflects: “It has been lovely to see all the year groups come together, demonstrating teamwork and communication between all ages. The house system again showed its special ability to unite pupils, with a fantastic atmosphere of enjoyment, inclusivity and friendly competition.”

Quick Fire Art: pupils were challenged to make the most creative head-dress in 45mins

The House system starts in Y9 of the Senior School, providing a smaller community feel where pupils can build friendships, take part in a variety of events and hopefully make some great memories. The year-round programme includes longstanding competitions such as cross-country, Fives and other sporting fixtures, debating, drama, music, chess and more, attracting enthusiastic entries from across the school.

Pupils tackled crosswords, logic puzzles and Sudokos together in this timed challenge