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Junior School pupils in Y5 and 6 took part in a Careers Day recently to expand their awareness of the many career paths available beyond school and see how their individual skills and interests might help guide their own journey.

Parents and carers joined us during the day to share experiences from their own jobs – what it involves on a day-to-day basis, and how they got there.  Pupils heard more about TV news reporting, green energy, paediatric medicine, law and how to catch criminals using maths.

During the day, pupils learned that character development plays a key role in career success. They worked to identify their individual talents and interests outside of the classroom, looking at the hobbies, clubs and volunteering activities they take part in. The children were encouraged to identify important skills that they are developing in the process, such as creativity, resilience, self-expression, discipline, confidence and teamwork.

Matt Anderson, Assistant Principal (Community Partnerships), explains: “We felt it was important to expose them to this at an early age so they are aware of different professions they can explore based on their interests, skills, and passions.

Pupils discussed how they already used certain skills in their daily lives and how they could further develop these to help them at school and beyond. The children also researched different options after leaving school such as university, apprenticeships, gap year and conservatoires,” he continued.

It was great to see so many parents taking part in the event, and feedback from the pupils was very positive:

“It was a really fun day and we got to hear about jobs that we never knew existed. It is important that we did it in Year 6 so we know about different things we can do in the future,” said Mischa in Y6.

“We liked hearing about the jobs because, of course, we have heard of a banker before but didn’t really know what the job involves,” added Henry, Y6.