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The Cholmeleian Society was founded in 1893, although the society had been meeting informally as a dining club since 1859. Committees to arrange dinners were set up soon afterwards, alongside the Football, Fives and Cricket sections. The club’s main purpose was to maintain contact between the School and its alumni, in particular by getting them to return to Highgate School for functions.

The founding principles of the Cholmeleian Society hold true today. The Football, Cricket and Fives sections are still thriving, alongside new sections for Golf, Netball and Petanque. The Society now has a Business Section, which organises a number of events throughout the year; ideal occasions not only to maintain contact with old school friends but also to meet other Cholmeleians to discuss career opportunities, mentoring or work experience. Moreover, Cholmeleians still have the opportunity to come back to the School for the Society’s annual OC Dinner.

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