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video admissions 13 captionKEY DATES FOR 13+ ENTRY 2019 and 13+ ENTRY 2020

The application deadlines are:

Friday 30 June 2017 for 13+ 2019 

Friday 17 November 2017 for 13+ 2020


Exams for the 13+ 2019 and 2020 entry will take place at The Mills Centre on Monday 11 December 2017 and interviews will be held in February 2018.

Prospective families should take note that our main points of entry to the Senior School are 11+ and 16+. We generally offer only two or three places to 13+ applicants so the competition for places is extremely high.

Please complete an Application form and return it with the registration fee (£150) to the Admissions Coordinator. Once your child is registered, the school will keep you advised about the dates of forthcoming admissions events.

The 13+ Entrance Tests will be set in Mathematics, English and non-verbal Reasoning.  Each test will take 45 minutes to one hour. These tests will be set to assess potential and no specific preparation outside your child’s normal Mathematics and English teaching will be required.


Specimen papers for Mathematics and English can be found here: Mathematics English


Interviews will be held in small groups. We will decide which candidates to call for interview after consideration of their test results and the report we receive from their current school. The objective will be to see how well the candidates can express themselves and work together in groups. They will have an opportunity to talk about themselves, their interests and their hobbies and will be asked to participate in a collaborative task.


Highgate School was founded as a charity by Sir Roger Cholmeley in 1565. Since then we have always given financial support to a number of pupils whom we know will thrive at Highgate but whose families cannot afford the full fees. Currently there is a range of bursary support available. Some pupils are awarded small bursaries that supplement the significant contribution made by their parents/carers; other pupils are awarded large bursaries that cover most or all of the fees. Bursaries are funded out of the income the school receives from sources other than fees. The Friends of Highgate School also support some awards. Further information on bursaries can be found here or contact the Bursary Office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Bursary applicants who feel they cannot afford the application fee should contact the Bursary Office before applying.


Information on scholarships, exhibitions and music awards can be found here here.


Parents and pupils who are considering Highgate for a 13+ place are invited to come to an Open Morning. Senior School Open Mornings are held throughout the year in term time on a Tuesday or a Wednesday morning during term time and last about two hours. Please book your place for an Open Morning by ringing the Admissions Coordinator on 020 8347 3564 or by email to here.

Senior School private visits can be arranged for those who are going to move to the area but at present live too far away to attend one of the official Open Mornings or for anybody who needs to discuss their child’s special circumstances in more detail than is possible at an Open Morning.

You can also visit the school by coming to a concert, play or a sports match. For events which need tickets ring the School office on 020 8340 1524.


Heads of House usually visit the families of all new 13+ pupils in their homes either at the end of the summer term or during the summer holidays. The visit enables the Head of House to get to know the pupil and family and to answer questions.


On the afternoon before the beginning of the Michaelmas term all new 13+ pupils visit the school for Induction. They are given information about their start in the school and a tour to help them to get to know their way around.


Further information can be found in our 13+ Admissions Policy and in our prospectus.

Download an application form for 13+ entry

Please contact the Senior School Admissions Office with any queries:

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Tel: (020) 8347 3564
Fax: (020) 8340 7674
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