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Since 1565, Highgate School and the London around it have seen many changes. One aspect of the School, however, has always remained constant: we are a charity, and every generation of Cholmeleians (as we call our former pupils) and their teachers has been committed to living up to what that means, to strengthening and building on our charitable foundations.

•    Enable our teachers to give some of their time to neighbourhood schools and charitable organisations, so that more children can have ACCESS to the excellent teaching and enriching activities that our pupils enjoy every day. One priority is to ensure that able children who are not Highgate pupils can have stimulating teaching in the rigorous academic subjects that are ultimately required by top universities and employers.

•    Provide a total of seventy-eight pupils across the school with full-fee BURSARIES, most of whom will join us at age eleven, so that children for whom Highgate is the right school can join us, even if financially it would not otherwise be possible for their parents or carers to consider us. Through our links with local primary schools and our carefully targeted communications, we are reaching out to children and their families to make it possible for them to have the life-changing education that will meet their intellectual needs and unlock for them the doors to lifelong opportunities.

•    Give our staff the time and support to grow strong and sustained links with schools, charities and similar organisations in our local COMMUNITY. Our partners can draw on and benefit from our skills and our human, intellectual and physical resources. Our pupils participate in these partnerships, so that as part of their education at Highgate they learn about the importance of, and they experience the rewards of, selfless service. They will leave the school knowing how to “do good” and “have fun” at the same time.

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