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 Some of our pupils describe their experience of visiting Bletchley Park on 6th March:

On Monday 6th March, all of Year 6 went to Bletchley Park. It was an astonishing day and here are my highlights. First, my group went into Alan Turing’s office – the detail was amazing! They even had an authentic typewriter. After that, we were off to explore the rest of the mansion. The décor in the manor was a feast of engineering for the time. Later we entered hut eight-one of the numerous huts where code-breakers did their noisy work. Afterwards, we had a tour with probably the best tour guide there. It was fascinating to hear how his father may not have survived WW2 if Bletchley Park did not exist. Finally, we had a codebreaking workshop where we had to break various codes and ciphers. For me the hardest code to crack was the Caesar Cipher. We got to type our initials into an Enigma machine.  Max and Olivia 6J

On Monday the 6th of March Year 6 went on a trip to Bletchley Park. We learnt that Bletchley Park was the home for the codebreakers during World War II (1939-1945).  We got to touch and press our initials into a real German Enigma Machine, also we learnt that if you kept pressing the same letter for example E, even if you kept pressing it all day it would generate every letter apart from e.  My favourite part of the day was when we were eating our lunch. A swan, who we named Jeremy later on in the day, came over to us! When we were sitting eating our lunch he flapped his wings and came running towards us! Miss Henderson tried throwing her bag towards him but he only came back with a new friend Jeremiah! We went to Bletchley Park because in history we are doing WW2 and in maths we are doing algebra.  I found this trip really fascinating and interesting and I really enjoyed doing the codebreaking task. In this exercise we had to figure out the different codes, there were five different types of code and each gave us a clue for the final bit which was the enigma machine. I found this trip very fascinating and enjoyed it very much.  Eloise 6J

On the 6th March, 2017, year 6 went to an inspiring, exciting and interesting trip to Bletchley park, home of WW2 codebreaking. We went there because it was linked to our coding project in ICT, algebra in maths and WW2 topic in history. Our trip was also extremely educational as we learned lots of new things. First of all, we explored the mansion where the first codebreakers went at the start of WW2. We saw the spacious library and beautiful ballroom, which, like the other rooms, were crowded with deciphering machines and codebreakers [at that time]. Later on we had a tour with a knowledgeable guide with an amazing story. He believed the war ended two years earlier thanks to the codebreakers. His father was captured by the Germans the year the war ended, so he thought if the war didn’t end when it did, his father would die because he was a frail and ill man. I really enjoyed the trip and hope the other years get the same, wonderful experience!  Katie 6J


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