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Where in the world can a gourmet cooking workshop, a radio show about the history of sex, a terror attack scare, an escape game and roughly 50 crêpes be crammed into a single week? The answer, of course, is Paris. Though it may not have been evident on our 6am Eurostar ride (though, as the good Pre-U French students that we are, we spent much of it thrilled by the passing banlieues), the 16 year 12s who went on the Paris exchange with Lycée Jean-Baptiste Say this Easter spent the week in a state of near-constant rapture. This was particularly intense for the more politically-minded amongst us, whose weeks were thrown into disarray by the perpetual panic of the French election combined with the shock of a snap British General Election.

Our week began in the most Parisian of fashions, with a trip to a restaurant so local we filled every chair, as hand-picked as a result of Mrs Pettitt’s forays into TripAdvisor. Between subsequent hours spent in oh-so-Parisian coffee shops, visits to national landmarks such as the Sacré Coeur (complete with its 300 steps) and the Jardin des Tuilleries, a guided tour of the historic Quartier Latin, and a romantic boat trip down the seine, it seemed fairly clear that the teachers were trying to turn us French. Not that any of us would complain, so long as this entailed PSG matches, Emmanuel Macron and, of course, our exchange partners, whose company made the exchange hugely successful. À bientôt Paris, et merci aux correspondants et aux profs!


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