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Enriching teaching and learning
Nine innovative training courses to inspire new thinking

Highgate is establishing a teaching consultancy to share the collective expertise of its staff with others through bespoke training courses and coaching. The London Academy of Excellence Tottenham (LAET) will also participate in this consultancy and provide the venue for some of the courses. The Director of our teaching consultancy is David Fotheringham, who was Deputy Head (Academic) at Highgate and is now Director of Academic Studies at LAET.

Why Highgate?
You may wonder why Highgate seeks to do this and why we believe we are in a position to deliver such courses. The recent history of our School has seen much structural change: we completed our transition from a boys' school to a co-educational one in 2013 and now have both boys and girls from Reception to Year 13; we became an 11+ school by moving Years 7 and 8 to our Senior School in 2008-09; and we are the major educational sponsor of LAET.

Thanks to these structural changes, we have had to redevelop our educational philosophy and there has been a great deal of innovative thinking about virtually every aspect of our teaching and learning. The frequent teaching and learning seminars held in our School are indicative of the prominence of the discussion of pedagogical issues among our staff, from senior leaders to teachers new to the profession. We would like to share some of that thinking and accumulated expertise, and we are fortunate to have the capacity to do so.

What are we offering?
While we will offer training in areas where we are particularly keen and ready to share expertise, we will also respond to particular requests from schools for training at any level, on issues across the age range from EYFS and Pre-Prep, to how to run extension classes in the sixth form for university entrance. Both academic and pastoral topics will be covered. We will also provide training in areas that support teaching, such as in the work of examination officers, development directors and partnership links.

Course 1: Successful pastoral care: ‘more than just taking the register’
Course 2: Teaching the subject, not just the specs
Course 3: Developing academic middle managers
Course 4: Promoting scholarship: an academic approach that works for every pupil
Course 5: Careers and employability
Course 6: Enriching the Sixth Form
Course 7: Leadership and change management in sport and exercise in schools
Course 8: The mystery of reading – what every teacher needs to know (for teachers of EYFS and KS1)
Course 9: Establishing an effective programme of school partnerships

Why are our courses distinctive?
Our courses will be far more than a single day of training. We are calling our method Attendance +.
A key feature of our Highgate teaching consultancy is to enable participants to be fully prepared for the course, so that they can derive maximum benefit from it. So, after a participant’s registration is received, he/she will receive a pre-conference package which may involve some reading or some questions to ponder. Such questions will often ask the participant to think about the current practice in his/her own school, and how he/she hopes that the course will enable him/her to make innovations or enrich good practice in their school.

Moreover, we appreciate that participants in courses often have further thoughts about the content of the day on their return to their schools, especially when they begin to think further about how to take things forward in the light of what they have heard and discussed. So our course director(s) will gladly engage in email communication to answer specific questions a participant may have for a period of three months, following our course.

Where will the courses take place?
Unless stated otherwise, the courses will take place in the Mills Centre in Bishopswood Road, London N6 4PP or at the London Academy Excellence Tottenham, London N17 0BX. Neither school has car parking facilities and you are advised to travel by public transport.

How to book a place on a course?
Most sessions have a limit on the number of places available. Places are allocated on a first come basis.
Please register online here.
Confirmation of booking will normally be sent within 48 hours, together with an invoice. To secure a place on the course, please ensure payment is processed within 14 days.

The cost is £250 per delegate for each course.

What is the format of the courses?
There is no separate question and answer session. We hope to answer questions as we go along and certainly at the end of each session. The name of the course leader is given, but other Highgate colleagues will be involved in each course.

What happens after you apply?
We will send you some reading material and/or questions to answer or think about before the course. It is likely that we will ask you for specific details of any aspect of the course’s subject matter that you wanted us to be sure of covering on the day, so that we can fully address the issues you would like to explore further.

What happens after the course?
The Attendance + philosophy behind these courses means that you will be able to seek further advice from us for up to three months after the course date.

Who can answer any further questions I may have?
If you have a query about the courses, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone us at 020 8347 4403.

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