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Exciting news has reached 31 Highgate pupils who have each been offered a place at either Oxford or Cambridge University this September.

Head of Sixth Form (Academic), Mr Guy Waller said: “We’d like to congratulate those receiving an offer from Oxford and Cambridge, primarily because of all the extra hard work they’ve had to put in over a long period of time to be competitive.

For all who applied, whether successful or not, going through this rigorous process will hopefully have made them more accomplished in their field.”

Over 15 different varieties of course are being pursued, with subjects varying from Music, Psychology and Maths through to English, Oriental Studies and Natural Sciences.

Oriental Studies

Year 13 Chloe, who won the 3rd highest prize in the 2021 international Chinese speaking competition as well as securing an offer from Oxford to study Oriental Studies at Queen’s College, said:

“I’m so excited to be able to focus even more on my Chinese – and even start learning Korean or Japanese in the third and fourth year of the course.”

English Literature and Language

Year 13 Euan is heading off to Oxford’s Trinity College:

“I am of course very excited to be given such a fantastic opportunity – that of studying English Language and Literature at Oxford. Attending tutorials and seminars with world-leading experts in their field will be a huge privilege, particularly when studying a subject for which discussion and debate are so important. On top of that, I am keen to participate in some of the many societies on offer, which frequently attract influential and high-profile guest speakers, whose ideas I look forward to listening to and engaging with.”


Year 13 Naomi, from our pupil-led Heads of School team, has been offered a place to study Maths at Oxford’s Merton College, said:

“I’m so excited to go to university, especially to live somewhere different and discover a new city. The offer did take a while to sink in but I’m really proud of myself for getting it. For now though, I’m just focusing on A-levels and appreciating my last months at school.”


Year 14 Lara Pomphrett, currently undertaking her Gap Year as a Chrysalis Fellow at Highgate, will be off to study Classics at Cambridge’s Downing College this September:

“I’m most excited about engaging with experts and students alike in my classical studies. Knowing that my entire timetable will be devoted to my dream subject and that I will be able to work in such an incredible city to further my personal studies is a wonderful feeling.”