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‘There was great excitement and anticipation when we opened the doors of our new school for the first time at 8am on Monday 5th September. Children spent much of the morning exploring with their Form Teachers. Everyone loved the bright airy spaces and were then pleasantly surprised to discover sculptured creatures on stairways, hidden under steps and hanging from beams. Classrooms all look over the senior field with ground floor classrooms having outside courtyard spaces as well. The play areas all offer something different-a ball court, an adventure area as well as a Drama and Garden playground. We all agree that this is a special building with wonderful outside spaces for imaginative play. We feel privileged to learn and discover together in the new school.’ Mark James, Principal of the Junior School

‘When I first walk through the entrance every morning, I get a rush of excitement every time. I love all the detail of the modern Junior School, from the animal sculptures to the beautiful classrooms. The hall that we have our assemblies in is breath-taking. The art room, the DT lab and the science labs are phenomenal, and the little pods for reach year are amazing. The two ICT rooms are awesome – they have really cool tech. Also, the music room has lots of fantastic displays and lovely, polished instruments. I know I am really lucky to be coming to school in this building and I am grateful every day. I love HJS! J Murphy, Year 5.

‘I was so excited to see the new junior school, and when I saw it I thought it was fabulous. I really like the attention to detail they have put into this project and I really like how each year group has their own little balcony and seating outside. I love my new junior school.’ J Islam, Year 5.

‘I think the school building is very spacious and a definite work of art. I am super lucky to be taught in it. This is a fantastic building and we are very lucky to have it. It will make thousands of children’s lives happy and exciting. Well done!’ J Withers, Year 5.

‘My favourite thing about the new school is the space it has and how colourful it is.’ A Levene, Year 5.

I really like the new junior school and how well it is laid out, otherwise I would get lost every time I went to a lesson. I also really like that we have everything we need right here. L Fonseca Voyiatzis, Year 5.

‘The new school is so big and it’s like a palace. It is very modern and spacious and I love the little animals (my favourite is the platypus). The stone floor and the building materials look really nice. I love the adventure playground, the balcony of the classrooms, the new smartboards and the pens for it!’ A Nicolaides, Year 5.

I love Highgate Junior School because everybody is so friendly here – pupil or teacher! S Callman, Year 5.

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