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On Wednesday 13 December, parents and carers of the Pre-Prep children were treated to the annual Nativity show, performed in the Junior School Hall.

A Nativity isn’t a Nativity without Wise Men, Shepherds, Angels and a donkey, not forgetting Mary and Joseph. But this one had a twist. Bonita Bauble and Terence Tinsel are TV presenters whose show, Hello Highgate! gets to the truth about the stories we learn about here at Highgate School. They had special guests who were actually there at Jesus’s birth. Yes, it was over two thousand years ago, but, you have to suspend disbelief! We met the Innkeeper’s children, Beth and Lee Hem, now elderly adults, remembering back to when their parents asked them to clean out their stable to use as a room, as their inn was full. We met some elderly shepherdesses, telling us about how they were visited by an Angel who told them about the birth of a special baby boy. And there were three VERY old Wise Men who were looking back fondly to when they were apprentice Wise Men. And did you know that the word Christmas was invented by a citizen from Bethlehem? It seemed the best option out of ‘Manger Day’, ‘Jesus’s Birthday’ and ‘Christ’s Mass’.

The Year 1 children took the roles of old and young characters and those in between; animals; angels and sparkly TV hosts. They performed with enthusiasm and energy, supported by Nursery, Reception and Year 2 singing and dancing their songs dressed as animals, shepherds, wise men and angels.

Needless to say, the audience loved it and it got the Christmas season off with a bang as everyone joined in with the final song, Merry Christmas, Everyone!  CS


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