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Last Wednesday I went on trip to Kew Gardens with Year 5, and I learnt so many new things! Firstly, we went to see the newly opened Temperate House. Temperate means not too cold and not too hot, just right. The UK is in the Temperate Zone. Lots of flowers and plants were inside and it was a very large, glass building. There were stairs leading up to the top of the House and we could see everything beneath us. There was a small pond in the middle of the Temperate House. When we finished looking around, we went to the Treetop Walkway. It was a long metal bridge above Kew, amongst the canopies of the trees. We could see very far from the bridge and there were facts about plants along the bridge like: ‘Trees grow outwards as well as up, so they grow a new layer of wood every year.’ We also went to the Palm House and had a talk about plants and bees. Our workshop leader gave us parts of a flower and labels and let us create a plant as a team. It included the pollen, petal, stigma, stamen and more! Then we went to several flower beds full of red and orange poppies. Bees were swarming all around the poppies and our guide gave us identification sheets for bees for various types: buff-tailed bumblebees, red mason bees and red-tailed bumblebees. We also were allowed to bring £5 to buy things from the gift shop. I bought a Venus fly trap! Our trip to Kew was extremely fun and we were particularly lucky that we had wonderful, warm weather that day!  Irina 5R


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