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This month’s image is of the Natural History Society, taken in 1948. The Society is first mentioned in The Cholmeleian in 1874. Like other school natural history societies of the nineteenth century, Highgate’s considered that amateurs could make important contributions to science. It urged members not to regard it as merely a way to pass an hour every fortnight, but to go out into the countryside, record observations and collect specimens. By the time this photograph was taken, the Society had gone from strength to strength, particularly under President George Sellick , the Schoolmaster pictured. The Cholmeleian reported in its December 1948 edition that “This year finds the society with over sixty members…Two film shows, two short lectures and a photographic competition have been arranged this term, about thirty free zoo tickets have been distributed and members may obtain pamphlets and booklets on natural history from the society. It is hoped that we will visit a reservoir before the end of term to study wild life”.