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Congratulations to Highgate pupils Maya Grace and Cosmo (both Y12), who have been awarded a two-year Arkwright Engineering Scholarship.

This prestigious award will support them through their A Levels, providing personal mentoring and hands-on industry experience to assist them on their journey into Engineering.

Both Maya Grace and Cosmo have demonstrated outstanding commitment to STEM activities and undertook a rigorous selection process for these awards.

For their final GCSE product, they both completed an exceptional innovative outcome, achieving top marks in the year. Maya Grace designed an automated pet cleaner product and Cosmo designed a multipurpose rucksack to adapt to the environment, both with the potential to become commercially viable.

Pet cleaner product, Maya Grace
Cosmo’s Adaptable rucksack design

Over the past two years they have been working on their prototype to compete in the UK CanSat Competition. The challenge is to design and build their own simulation of a real satellite, integrated within the volume and shape of a soft drink can.

Last year they were awarded the Industrial Cadet Silver award, in recognition of their amazing STEM efforts with designing, building and coding a satellite to transmit data while at altitude. Their team is currently preparing for the upcoming CanSat competition in the New Year.

Ms. Taylor, Director of Design Technology and Engineering, said: “This is an excellent achievement for both Maya Grace and Cosmo, which the DTE department are proud of. They are inspirational to the younger students with the dedication they put into their projects, and I am delighted to see them being recognised as 21st Century creative problem-solving engineers!”