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Earlier this term, our Y13 chemists showcased the academic posters they created as a Physical Chemistry project in Y12 to parents, staff and pupils in the younger years.

Academic posters are an essential means of communication for the Chemistry community at conferences, and our students rose to the challenge of this university-level exercise, communicating in a clear and engaging manner their impressive understanding of post A-level topics. Prizes were awarded to three students for Best Scientific Content, Best Presentation and Formatting, and the ‘People’s prize’, voted on by staff and students.

Sofia (pictured above), who received the award for best presentation, reflected: “I really enjoyed the Y12 physical chemistry poster project as I was able to research and learn about a new topic of personal interest to me that is not included in the course, and the project enabled me to develop useful skills in structured research and correct referencing of sources.

Showcasing my work and communicating my findings to my peers in a scientific but comprehensible way through a poster format was a rewarding experience, as well as being good practice for the production of academic posters as a textual and graphic method of presenting information in higher education and beyond.”

Sacha (left), who received the award for best scientific content, added: “The poster competition allowed me to explore an area of interest within chemistry to a greater extent. Presenting in front of my peers and teachers gave me a chance to articulate my chemical knowledge and research, which is something that has enhanced my understanding of chemistry.”