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Our Junior School has been hosting a weekly online cookery lesson attracting over 80 families!

Last week, the recipe for this interactive cook-along was muffins, and Year 4 pupil Lara kindly donated her batch of delicious baked goods to the frontline NHS team where her father works. Lara said:

‘My dad works in the hospital so I know how hard everyone is working. When I was in the Cookery Club I had an idea that the muffins would cheer the doctors and nurses up. Dad brought them into the hospital and they said the muffins were really nice which cheered me up too!’

Small acts of consideration for others goes such a long way in these challenging times, and we are so proud of Lara’s gesture of kindness. These sweet treats put a little bit of cheer into this NHS team’s shift.

NHS Team enjoy Highgate School pupil's muffins

Each Tuesday at 4pm, our Cookery Club follows a different recipe via a live zoom workshop, with the next bake off being for brownies! After that, it’ll be taking a slightly healthier twist and moving to soda bread baking next week, followed by using up left over lockdown ingredients such bananas for banana bread the week after!

The Club grows in popularity each week with all our other Junior School pupils and families welcome to join. Check JUNO to find out more, with the recipe for the following lesson uploaded every Friday!