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The 2022 issue of the Highgate Journal is available to read, here.

In this edition, we interview James Newton, Deputy Head (Academic) of the Senior School, looking at how our pupils are encouraged and supported to pursue the subjects they love and excel in. We meet the pastoral team who guide us in this work and look at some of their many initiatives. The co-curricular opportunities for pupils at all stages of the School are vast and varied, as we explore here, plus we shine a spotlight on Highgate’s many eco-endeavours.

There are interviews with Highgate pupils, current and former. Theo (Y10) tells us how his Y5 comic assignment developed into a professionally published graphic novel, and Vivika Martini updates us on her US adventures.

Plus, news and projects from across all three schools; a look at some onward destinations for our Class of 2022; and an update on the Pre-Prep building works.

Highgate Journal Issue 3