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Chrysalis East will closely follow the model of Highgate’s work in the west of our borough, building on LAET’s work with their four Tottenham feeder schools to increase academic aspiration and GCSE outcomes of bright local students with potential, in time increasing the proportion of these students who go on to study at LAET and eventually at leading universities in the UK and around the world.

This project has come into being through a partnership with Rokos Capital, and is an opportunity to have a significant impact on the wider Tottenham community, in a way that we have always hoped LAET would be able to achieve.

Jan Balon, Headteacher, LAE Tottenham said: LAE Tottenham has a transformational impact for our students. This partnership will broaden the impact beyond the four walls of the school and into the wider Tottenham community and in doing so delivers on our core aims of combining academic rigour with social responsibility.”

Summer School with Highgate and LAET 2020

Our Head Adam Pettitt added “This wonderful partnership is a clear sign of how seriously LAE Tottenham is taken as the place for academic rigour. I am delighted that this collaboration enables LAE Tottenham to extend and intensify Chrysalis work across the whole borough, reaching more pupils who have the ability to thrive at a school like LAE T. At Highgate, we are looking forward to supporting Chrysalis East drawing on our experience of building successful, sustainable partnerships which change lives.” 

Support has been provided by Rokos Capital Management who said “We are delighted to be able to partner with LAET in support of this transformational project.” This is discrete funding, and will not go towards the running costs of LAE Tottenham itself.

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