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Last week, our A level Medieval History class deepened their understanding of their subject with a field trip to three important London sites. Lochie, one of our medieval historians, talks about the day:

‘We began racing around the fantastic collection of Anglo-Saxon artefacts currently displayed at the British Library, with the ‘mysteries of the east cabinet’ housing some of the strangest manuscripts we have encountered: from men with no necks to donkeys with tallons! Other highlights included the original Beowulf manuscript, the “Alfred Jewel” and, of course, an entire room dedicated to the most underrated medieval king: Offa.

‘After a morning of dimly lit rooms and vellum manuscripts, we headed to Temple Church, the former London headquarters of the Templar crusading order. With its domed gallery, evoking the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, statues of the great and good of the Templar order lying in stasis on the flagstones, and intricate stained glass, the Temple Church proved a personal highlight.

‘Our hugely enjoyable and informative day ended with a tour of Westminster Abbey, home to the coronation of the vast majority of English monarchs and, as it turns out, Britain’s oldest door.

‘This field trip was fantastic opportunity to put into context, and view in person, almost all of the sources we studied last term for our Anglo-Saxon coursework essay.’ VG