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This week in the Pre-Prep, we held our annual ‘One World Week’ event, to celebrate diversity across the School and beyond.

On Monday, children were pleased to share their home-made T-shirt designs, which reflected their personal culture and identity.

There were language sessions across the week, led by parents and staff from around the School to introduce children to the linguistic delights of Cantonese, Italian, French, Mandarin and German. Children took part in dance and drumming workshops, along with themed breakfasts and stories from around the world.

The highlight of the week – The One World Week Fair – brought families together for an interactive sharing of cultures, foods, crafts, music and dance.

As Gideon Zucker, Deputy Principal, explains: “One World Week is one of my favourite weeks of the School year. It encompasses so much of what the Pre-Prep is about and really sets the tone for the year ahead. Equality, Diversity and inclusion are key to so much of our work in the Pre-Prep, and One World Week gives us, our pupils and our parents a chance to celebrate that in the best way possible!”