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Last week, HJS pupils were busy preparing for this year’s House poetry writing competition and submitting their fantastic entries before a fast approaching deadline.

Pupils were encouraged to write about something special or unique to them, whilst being creative and reflective about their chosen topic.

Some of the entries submitted cover a hobby or passion children have, animals, objects, seasons, funny moments, aspects of school life and important ideas they believe in. Well done to all participating pupils for the fantastic poetry renditions performed on online platforms.

Enjoy the below sample poem written by Yevi from Year 6, mapping his exciting journey through Highgate Junior School.

Life at Highgate School

Who remembers their first day at Highgate Junior School?
I bet it was awesome and totally cool,
So much has happened since way back then,
So let’s recap it all over again!

Year 3

Loads of new faces, excited and afraid,
But it was on that very day that new friendships were made,
The classroom was awesome, and our teacher was so kind,
we all became friends in next to no time.

At Highgate, there are so many things that you can do,
football, singing, gardening, science and poetry too,
We all became more confident to try out new things,
As we learnt it’s more important to take part than to win.

Year 4

We got to know each other better and better,
So we helped the new year threes by writing them a letter,
We were given the chance to create lunchtime clubs,
And during outdoor ed, we trudged through mud to learn about grubs.

And in year four we got to do a play,
We had learnt what to sing and we knew what to say,
We didn’t get nervous, no not in the least,
When we performed to the school, Beauty and the Beast.

Year 5

We were put into new classes for the start of Year 5,
And we also had loads of new students arrive,
It was a bit like starting year three over again,
as we got brand new chances to make brand new friends.

But just as we were getting into our groove,
A terrible virus was on the move,
We went into lockdown and had to stay in our houses,
swapping classes and footballs for computers and mouses*.

Year 6

We made it through the lockdown and got back to class,
Remembering to socially distance and to wear masks,
Some things were different, and some were the same,
We all hoped that Covid would not be back again.

As the top year in school we had to become
more responsible and able to get our things done,
we were ambassadors and prefects, captains and leaders,
And one day we will all become international achievers.

As we approach the end of our Highgate junior days,
We should always remember the Highgate junior ways,
And take them with us when we enter the senior school,
So we can make it just as awesome and totally cool.

*artistic licence