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Exciting news today for all those who are partial to their water sports! Whether you’re training for a triathlon, part of our water polo team or just love a leisurely swim, you’ll be pleased to know our pool officially re-opened this morning.

Rebranded as Highgate Active, the fully modernised interior now features on-brand tiling in blue, grey and green against freshly white-washed walls as well as a 3D logo. The ceiling is topped with multiple sleek sky lights and there are two digital screens positioned above the pool to display scores and news!

There are new changing rooms and showers, as well as bespoke viewing balconies for parents and pupils to watch matches!

Our Pre-Prep pupils were first  in the pool this morning, followed by all other years. Watch this space with more news and updates to follow!

The pool facilities will also be open to friends, families and Highgate staff after School and at weekends when pupils’ clubs aren’t taking place.