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Three pupils from our Junior School have led a charity initiative to support WWF, by organising an art competition based on the endangered animals list and raising a total of £140 for this important cause.

Benjy, Haaris and George from Y4 approached their teacher at the end of summer term last year to suggest the project. They proposed that every child be offered the opportunity to enter an art competition, inspired by the WWF endangered animals list. In addition to funds raised, the competition would include an adopted animal for Highgate Junior School, determined by the subject of the winning entry.

The pupils explained: “We thought about this because we really like animals and want to help the endangered animals. People might think they are very important, but without nature we cannot survive!”

As a result, 120 pupils from all years took up the challenge this Autumn, creating an array of vibrant and emotive works. The winning entry (featured above) came from Clover in Y6, who created a paper Mache tiger. Highgate Junior School has now adopted a tiger and will receive regular updates on their animal!

Junior School partnerships and charity coordinator, Anita Khagram, reflects: “I am so proud of these children for taking the initiative to support this worthy cause. They have shown creativity in their ideas and a genuine passion for supporting endangered animals! This one idea led to a collective effort from the JS community and the outcomes were incredible. Well done!”

Some of the other entries can be seen below: