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Local artist Kim Scouller, originally from Glasgow, is exhibiting her beautiful collection of portraits and still life oil paintings in the Mills Centre at Highgate.

Her exhibition, titled “Response: Colour, Rhythm, Repeat” was chosen because, she says “I like the idea of a title that somehow sums up how I work or the way I react to the subject.”

Portrait of Hugh

Portrait of High by artist Kim Scouller

Megan in the Studio

Megan in the Studio - Kim Scouller

Highlights from the collection will be shown physically in the Mills Centre, but due to COVID-19 we can only invite you to view them virtually here, and also over on our Instagram feature at https://www.instagram.com/highgateschool/

Kim Scouller Exhibition - Mills Centre - Highgate School

Kim says of her artwork “I have favourite things I like to paint over and over again. I went through a period of painting orchids and cups. I’m first drawn to colour and then light. And set ups with interesting combinations of subtle tones, often with a flash of pure colour somewhere in the mix.” 

Peony & Teapot 

Peony & Teapot - Kim Scouller

Tools are very important, I like having a variety of brush shapes and sizes. I mostly use filberts, flats and a few rounds ranging from size 2 to 12. Medium sized brush marks can seem gigantic on a small board, which can seem exciting. I try to stick to the rule of thumb of working from the biggest brushes to the smallest ones (broom to needle), that way the paint won’t become to fussy. You don’t want to lose all those lovely painterly marks from the first stages.”

Portrait of Adjowa

Adjowa by Kim Scouller

All of Kim’s paintings are available to purchase. A full price list with artwork dimensions can be viewed here.

Self-Portrait – Kim Scouller

Kim Scouller - Self Portrait